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Haute Provence Geological Reserve

The Haute-Provence Geological Reserve, which extends over a vast area between the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and the Var, protects and accords  great importance to its  geological sites with their ancient fossils and terrains of folds and fractures.  It contributes to increasing awareness of the history of planet Earth, in order to enable people to gain a better understanding of the planet and how to live a better life on it.  Today, the Haute Provence Geological Reserve has been approved by UNESCO, and it is also a recognised member of the “Global Geoparks Network”. 

The museum-walk, an open air museum in this Réserve,  is an area of true biodiversity. Here you will discover fossils from the area uncovering 300 million years of history of the Earth, but also aquariums of tropical and mediterranen sealife which evoke memories of the sea.  Its shaded park offers visitors fountains, works of art and Japanese gardens.

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Réserve Géologique de Haute-Provence
10 montée Bernard Dellacasagrande
BP 156
04005 Digne Les Bains

Tel : +33 (0)4 92 36 70 70

Fax : +33 (0)4 92 36 70 71

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Sub-region : Var, Alpes de Haute-Provence

Area : Alps, Provence

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