Alpes Mediterranée Provence


And if you were to take to the heights ? Only two hours from the sea, those mad on gliding and skiing , keen hikers and lovers of open spaces will be able to take the route to the southern Alps. In summer and winter alike, the sunny massifs are an ideal playground. Set off to discover villages in this unspoilt land, with its raw nature and landscapes that will take your breath away.

Beside the sea, a succession of locations, no two the same, will take your breath away. After a trip to the outstanding site of the calanques (rockly inlets) of Marseille, you can make your way to the massif of Maures with its huge forests of oaks and chestnut trees . Making your way up towards Fréjus, the red rocks of l’Esterel are not to be missed. A visual treat is guaranteed and the panoramas of the Mediterranean sea are sublime.

Close to the Mediterranean shores, Provence is an exceptional land appreciated for the beauty of its landscapes and the quality of its way of life. Azur skies, natural landscapes and a remarkable historical heritage, the sound of cicadas, the scent of lavender and villages perched high up on rocky crags, are just some of the jewels that make Provence a dream destination.