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Camargue National Reserve

Covering 13 000 hectares in the heart of the Camargue, the national nature reserve of the Camargue is one of the largest wetland reserves in Europe.  Its vast territory, situated in the communes of Arles and Saintes Maries de la Mer, enjoys complete protection.

Its originality, together with international interest in the heritage of the Camargue reserve, are rooted in the diversity of its habitats and the species that live in them (in particular the 276 species of birds, including 258 listed as species of special interest) together with its ecological importance. This Reserve, managed by the National Society for the Protection of Nature, offers numerous possibilities for holidays including walks and trips throughout a large part of the area: la Capelière, le Salin de Badon and la Digue a la mer and phare de la Gacholle.

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Société Nationale de Protection de la Nature
La Capelière – C134 de Fiélouse
13200 Arles

Tel : 04 90 97 00 97

Fax : 04 90 97 01 44

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Sub-region : Bouches du Rhône

Area : Mediterranee

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