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Marais du Vigueirat Nature Reserve

The national nature reserve of Marais du Vigueirat was created in 2011.  It is situated in the Camargue close to the hamlet of Mas-Thibert, in the commune of Arles, and covers approximately 900 of the 1200 hectares of the protected natural site of Marais du Vigueirat, owned by the Coastal protection agency. 

Access to this reserve is strictly regulated and only accessible to members of the public on guided tours, horse and carriage rides (calèche) or on foot.  Here, you will discover exceptional biodiversity, with an mosaic of natural environments with over 2,000 animal and plant species, the largest protected area of reeds (phragmites) in the Camargue, and over 60% of France’s avifauna (birdlife), including 9 species of European heron. There are also 4 breeds of bulls and Camargue horses who, through the maintenance of human activity on this site, contribute to the protection of the natural environment.

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Les Marais du Vigueirat
13104 ARLES

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Sub-region : Bouches du Rhône

Area : Mediterranee

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