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Queyras Regional Natural Park

You want to take in a large breath of fresh air? Come to the regional natural park of Queyras. Nestling in the Hautes- Alpes, close to the Italian border, le Queyras, protected by a mountain wall reaching a height of 3 000 metres, enjoys an ideal sunny climate.

Set off on a guided tour, along the numerous nature paths, and discover a formidable natural  conservation area of flora and fauna in the Mediterranean alps. Here knowledge and traditions combine and contribute to the friendly atmosphere and preservation of authenticity in the villages.  Saint-Véran, the highest village in Europe with its unique architecture, is a fine example of this.

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Parc naturel régional du Queyras
La Ville
05 350 ARVIEUX

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Sub-region : Hautes Alpes

Area : Alps

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